Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

Accredited (full-time)

This applied programme of study is comprised of six theory-based semesters and one practical semester, and students graduate with the title " Bachelor of Engineering " (B.Eng.).

This professional and academic degree is recognised throughout the construction industry and it is a prerequisite for working in upper-level public-service roles. Completion of this study programme also entitles graduates to become members of the Bavarian Chamber of Engineers – Civil and other associations of engineers.
Graduates of the bachelor’s degree who meet the necessary requirements can continue their education by completing a master’s study programme.

The pre-practicum
Since the 2007/2008 winter semester, every student is required to complete a six-week pre-practicum. The placement can be completed either prior to starting your studies or by the fifth semester at the latest. The six weeks must be completed consecutively and must be attested to by means of a certificate from the employer. Students spend the pre-practicum at a construction site or workshop, performing tasks related to careers in general construction, structural steel engineering or metal construction.
If a student has already trained for a role within the general construction industry, this is normally recognised as a preliminary placement.

The practical training semester (fifth semester of programme)
The practical training semester lasts 20 weeks. During this semester, students learn about tasks performed by civil engineers in the workplace. The practical placement can be completed with a construction company, planning department, engineering office, transport company or another suitable organisation providing work experience – either in Germany or abroad.

Schedule of study
1st + 2nd semester: Basic studies
3rd + 4th semester: Basic specialist studies
5th semester: Practical training phase
6th + 7th semester: Specialist studies
Bachelor' s thesis: Completed from the end of the sixth semester

General information
Though there are several courses taught in English, the language of instruction is German and you must be fluent in it to succeed in your studies.

Course in English

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