MBA and Engineering for civil engineers

Accredited (part-time)

Civil engineers now have the opportunity to complete an internationally recognised degree, the Master of Business Administration and Engineering ( MBA & Eng.).

The interweaving of economics- and engineering- related courses with management disciplines and numerous elective courses makes for a unique and attractive programme of study. There is a wide range of options available for personalising your studies, such as elective courses led by international instructors, or involvement in partnerships with renowned universities of applied sciences in Great Britain and France.

The specialist section of this study programme, targeted at civil engineers, comprises the following courses:
European Building Contract Law and Public Procurement Law
Project Development
Public-Private Partnership

as well as the following elective course option:
• Specialised Business Studies and Business Controlling for Civil Engineers

Please see the curriculum (in German) for more information on the content of the degree programme. The course of study for civil engineers starts each winter and summer semester. The following prerequisites are requirements for acceptance to this programme:

A first degree, with above average marks in civil engineering (' Diplom ', bachelor’s, or master’s degree certificate)
At least one year of relevant, skilled professional experience following completion of the first degree.
Successful completion of an aptitude test

A maximum of 60 participants can enrol in this master's programme. Courses will generally be taught in German. The lectures will take place in the evening and (in the case of block courses) at weekends during the normal semester periods.

The degree has been designed to equip students to take on management roles. It opens the door to pursuing advanced qualifications, such as a Ph.D. at the Department for Engineering and Management, and it enables graduates to obtain high-level positions.

You can find more information on the duration, costs and content of the programme, as well as details of the application process, on the online portal . If you are interested in this degree-programme, or if you have any questions, please contact Prof. Rasso Steinmann

General Information
Though there are several courses taught in English, the language of instruction is German and you must be fluent in it to succeed in your studies.